Crossroads Saga

Checklist for new players



The Saga is set in the Iberian Tribunal in the year of the lord 1220.

Refugees are streaming from southern france where the Albigensian Crusade has been raging for more than ten years.

Iberia is still ravaged by war, by the Reconquista – the conquest of the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslims.

See Wiki for more info.


Players are urged to create one Magi/Maga, one companion and a few grogs (2-4).


Magi should all be apprentice level, or just above.

  • I would prefer if Magi came from Iberian (Spain and Portugal) or Provençal (southern France) Tribunals.
  • They can be from any covenant in those regions, but they should all be from different covenants.
  • Magi can be members of any house, see the article on the houses of Hermes.


Companions should be of varying occupations; merchants, sergeants, librarians, knights, mercenary captains, healers, master craftsmen, master builders, etc.


Grogs should equally be of varying occupations; builders, animal herders and handlers, workers, cooks, handmaidens and servants, soldiers and guards, etc.

Location of Saga

Iberian peninsula, that’s all you need to know.


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